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Welcome to teachassist - by teachers for teachers

What is teachassist?

teachassist is an online communication and collaboration tool between teachers, students, administration and parents that has been developed in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education's Growing Success initiative.

teachassist philosophy

How does teachassist work?

teachassist is primarily a tool for teachers to keep track of assessment and evaluation of students in their classes. Calculated and anecdotal data is shared between teachers and administrators supporting collaborative efforts between staff members. Available online tools enhance communication with students and parents such as course web pages and calendars. As a service, teachassist reduces the setup time and maintenance of class lists for teachers, and optimizes the process of tracking students as well as their evaluation.

teachassist allows for immediate inquiry about a student who is being tracked, assessed and evaluated thereby eliminating/reducing the need to fill out forms, set up meetings, and spend precious time outside of class to communicate with teachers; collaboration with other teachers and administrators becomes more effective. Teachers can easily view the progress of students in other subjects, as well as comments made by other teachers and their log entries for communications with parents.

The benefits and features of teachassist are:

  • Assessment and evaluation tool
    • Effective use of categories and term/final summative calculations
  • Classroom management tool
    • Photo seating planner
    • Class photo list
    • PDF reports (class list, attendance, progress reports)
  • Online reporting
    • Web-based reporting tool for students and parents (password protected)
    • PDF reports (individual student progress report)
  • Teacher to teacher collaboration (anecdotal log entries and current evaluation)
  • Communication with students and parents on current progress
  • Webpage creator for teachers/classes/departments
  • School website homepage creator (with a full news engine)
  • School website calendar creator
  • Online in-school resource booking system
  • Additional data gathering tools (i.e. Multiple Intelligences survey available to students)


What is the teachassist foundation?

We offer support to education systems, teachers, and students in impoverished countries and circumstances. We are currently only offering one time support, but are venturing towards a partnership and long term ongoing support of individuals and groups. Greater detail on who we support can be found on the “Our Impact” section of this website.

Interested in using teachassist at your school? Please contact us at info@teachassist.ca


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