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Our Impact

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Testimonials From our Users


TA“It is a great tool!! It's nice to have access to a program that allows you to view a child holistically. The program is set up and ready to go on the first day of class and helps you track and accurately assess and evaluate students.”

– T.A.


“easy access”

CN"The teachassist marks program and online tools provide teachers and the school staff with easy access to all the things teachers need most - the ability to book a computer or library lab or LCD projector, update individual or class marks, check a student's timetable and present class location, look up parent phone and email contact information, record results of parent and student contact, learn about other teacher's experiences with a particular student, and copy or transfer evaluations from one semester's course to another to avoid re-entry of the same data.  All of these functions are available online any time... how easy and convenient is that?!"

- C.N.


“efficient and effective”

CG“As a Special Education teacher I have greatly benefited from teachassist.  I often have to call parents regarding students that I monitor teachassist allows me to easily retrieve phone numbers, comments from other teachers and student marks.  All of this saves me a great deal of time and allows me to be much more efficient and effective.”

– C.G.



GBteachassist is a fantastic marks program!  It is easy use and is very efficient.  It is extremely beneficial to be able to see what marks the student is obtaining in each course as well as comments from other teachers and administrators.  I would definitely recommend this program for anyone to use – from the novice to the more experienced teacher, teachassist is for everyone!”

– G.B



“I find teachassist very user friendly; it is convenient because it is web based so you can access it from home at any time (midnight when you usually finish your marking, if you have kids). 
It is also very flexible and has never had any hiccups in my usage over the past four years.”

– D.Y


“what a timesaver!”

"I was hesitant to switch from [another marking program] to teachassist for recording my marks and creating report cards.  I didn't want to leave the program I knew so well only to struggle with something new.  Now I regret not making the switch sooner!  teachassist allowed me to enter my evaluations for a course and transfer them to the next semester when I taught that same course.  After not teaching a specific course for two years, I was thrilled when teachassist asked me if I wanted to copy and use those same evaluations (from two years ago) and still give me the ability to delete and add new pieces whenever I wanted.  Nobody wants to reenter the same details every semester - what a timesaver!"

- C.N.



“user friendly”

SP“... I am not terribly adept at using technology, the result of being a little reluctant to embrace change, coupled with a good deal of insecurity about my ability to even understand the stuff. Thus, I am happy to report that using teachassist for the first time this year has proven to be a painless and almost pleasurable experience, in part because the program is so user friendly it almost teaches itself  (you'll note how many times I didn't call [for support] this year [as opposed to previous years with the ‘other’ program]) - the best part is being able to see the 'whole' child for the first time - being able to communicate with parents and other teachers so easily, and having the whole matter be so transparent for all involved makes this a truly wonderful and innovative educational tool”

– S.P.


“incredibly useful”

EMteachassist is amazingly easy to use. Teachers with little digital experience can quickly learn to use the program. One of the most convenient features of teachassist is the student log section. Contact with parents/guardians, behavioural patterns, homework progress and interactions with teachers can all be shared in one common area. Resource bookings, seating plans and extra-curricular group lists are also all incredibly useful to teachers on a daily basis. The mark recording system also allows for exceptional organization of both formative and summative assessment and evaluation. Submitting report card marks and comments is surprisingly efficient as teachassist has been designed to store relevant information and lead the teacher through the final marks submission process with ease. Teachers can access teachassist from anywhere that has Internet access, and this portability allows the teachassist tools to be accessed where needed.”

– E.M.


“essential tool”

teachassist is a fantastic and essential tool for all teachers! All of its applications are useful and user friendly. I especially find the student logs helpful, as they allow you to learn about each student’s specific learning style, their semester schedule, their personal track record with their teachers and contact information to reach parents. I can't imagine using anything else.” 

– B.M


“check up to date marks or issues”

PN“I love teachassist.  I like that when I have a student in my office or a parent on the phone, I am able to check up to date marks or issues that may or may not affect the issues that I'm currently dealing with a student.  Also, it's very easy to book resources like the computer lab or the library!  So user friendly, even for a computer inept person like me!”

– P.N.


“use it every day”

AL“The Library loves teachassist!! It helps to figure out if students actually have spares or are skipping and the photo helps even more since students like to give us the wrong name. Booking for the Library by staff is simple. Having student schedules readily available helps me edit their profiles in Horizon throughout the year, allowing us to easily contact students for fines and overdue books. Figuring out who a student is using the teacher's timetables is helpful as well.  I use it every day!”

– A.L.



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