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"It's a great tool! It's nice to have access to a program that alllows you to view a child holistically. The program is set up and ready to go on the first day of class and helps you track and accurately assess and evaluate students."

~ Tony A.

Incredibly Useful

"teachassist is amazingly easy to use. Teachers with little digital experience can quickly learn to use the program."

~ Eileen M.


"I find teachassist very user friendly; it is convenient because it is web based so you can access it from home at any time."

~ Deborah Y.


Easy Access Online Tools

By providing a set of online tools, teachers enhance their communication with students and parents on the progress and achievement of students in their class.

As a service, teachassist reduces the setup time and maintenance of class lists for teachers, and optimizes the process of tracking students as well as their evaluation and behaviour.

Effective Collaboration

teachassist allows for immediate inquiry about a student who is being tracked, assessed and evaluated, thereby eliminating the need to fill out exploratory forms, set up meetings, and spend precious time outside of class to communicate with other teachers;

Teachers can easily view the progress of students in other subjects, as well as comments made by other teachers and their log entries for communication with parents.

Tools to effectively gather and report assessment data
Runs on any platform, device, browser




Why We Do What We Do

As teachers, we are committed to the Success of the Student.

We aim to provide online tools to assist in the effectiveness of teachers in the classroom and between educators in the school.

Our goal is to offer services for teachers, students, administrators and parents of students in the education system, in the reporting, curating, and distribution of a students' progress in their curricular endeavours in order to maximize student learning, feedback, achievement.

As a corporation, our desire is to have an impact on student achievement with a Global Social Purpose attitude as a baseline.

“As a teacher, and a developer, I needed a tool that would effectively curate and communicate student achievement instantly, securely and transparently... so I developed one. As the designed tool grew and evolved, fellow educators required collaboration tools to aid in the efficiency of our jobs, which resulted in greater effectiveness in the community.

teachassist is an online and ever evolving tool that is developed by teachers, for teachers.”

~ Eugene Chun,
founder of teachassist



Who we are

Currently, as a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization, we are a group of teachers and computer programmers from a wide range of backgrounds.

It is our intention to become a for-profit organization with a charity wing that offers services to educational systems through the use of the teachassist application or by supporting humanitarian causes focussed on areas of education.



Eugene Chun, OCT

Creator of the teachassist application, and the founder of the teachassist foundation, Eugene has a background in application development, and teaching. It is his hope that this application and foundation be an aid for educators and students. His vision is to provide support for educators as they empower students with the important building blocks for success.

Steven Douglass, OCT, M.Ed.

Steven is currently a secondary school teacher in the province of Ontario in the field of Science. Steven brings insight to the development of teachassist as well as to the direction of the humanitarian aspect of the teachassist foundation. Steven is a strong believer of education being a tool that can bring hope and success to those living in poverty.

Robert Noce, P. Eng.

Robert is currently a Development Architect with one of the world's leading software companies, specializing in Enterprise Mobility and Emerging Technologies. He has extensive knowledge and experience designing and implementing large-scale, distributed systems for a variety of sectors. Robert offers an industry perspective with a focus on end-user experience across multiple platforms.



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